Config provides high-level configuration options for the


Variable components declare values that can be referenced from other components.

Constant type: constant

Constant declares a constant value that can be referenced.

EnvVariable type: env

EnvVariable fetches an environment variable that can be referenced.

Widget type: widget

Widget variables dynamically reflect the current widget value.

Parameter type: param

Parameter variables reflect the current value of a parameter.

URLQuery type: url

URLQuery variables reflect the value of a URL query parameter.

Cookie type: cookie

Cookie variables reflect the value of a cookie in the request.

UserInfo type: user

UserInfo variables reflect a value in the user info returned by an OAuth provider.

Header type: header

Header variables reflect the value of a request header.


Pipeline encapsulates filters and transformations applied to a


Source components provide allow querying all kinds of data.

RESTSource type: rest

RESTSource allows querying REST endpoints conforming to the Lumen REST specification.

FileSource type: file

FileSource loads CSV, Excel and Parquet files using pandas and dask read_* functions.

WebsiteSource type: live

WebsiteSource queries whether a website responds with a 400 status code.

PanelSessionSource type: session_info

PanelSessionSource queries the session_info endpoint of a Panel application.

JoinedSource type: join

JoinedSource performs a join on tables from one or more sources.

DerivedSource type: derived

DerivedSource applies filtering and transforms to tables from other sources.

JSONSource type: json

The JSONSource is very similar to the FileSource but loads json files.

IntakeSource type: intake

An IntakeSource loads data from an Intake catalog.

IntakeSQLSource type: intake_sql

IntakeSQLSource extends the IntakeSource with support for SQL data.


Filter components supply the filter values used by Source components to query data. .

ConstantFilter type: constant

The ConstantFilter allows requesting a constant value from the

FacetFilter type: facet

The FacetFilter allows faceting the data along some dimension to

ParamFilter type: param

ParamFilter reflects the value of a parameter declared on a View.

WidgetFilter type: widget

WidgetFilter generates a Widget from the table schema provided by a Source.

BinFilter type: bins

BinFilter is a special WidgetFilter that allows selecting from a set of bins.

DateFilter type: date

DateFilter is a WidgetFilter specialized to select calendar dates.

DatetimeFilter type: datetime

DatetimeFilter is a WidgetFilter specialized to filter by datetimes.


Transform components implement transforms of DataFrame objects.

Filter type: None

Filter transform implement the filtering behavior of Filter components.

HistoryTransform type: history

HistoryTransform accumulates a history of the queried data.

Aggregate type: aggregate

Aggregate one or more columns or indexes, see pandas.DataFrame.groupby.

Sort type: sort

Sort on one or more columns, see pandas.DataFrame.sort_values.

Query type: query

Query applies the pandas.DataFrame.query method.

Columns type: columns

Columns selects a subset of columns.

Astype type: as_type

Astype transforms the type of one or more columns.

Stack type: stack

Stack applies pandas.DataFrame.stack to the declared level.

Unstack type: unstack

Unstack applies pandas.DataFrame.unstack to the declared level.

Iloc type: iloc

Iloc allows selecting the data with integer indexing, see pandas.DataFrame.iloc.

Sample type: sample

Sample returns a random sample of items.

Compute type: compute

Compute turns a dask.dataframe.DataFrame into a pandas.DataFrame.

Pivot type: pivot

Pivot applies pandas.DataFrame.pivot given an index, columns, and values.

Melt type: melt

Melt applies the pandas.melt operation given the id_vars and value_vars.

SetIndex type: set_index

SetIndex promotes DataFrame columns to indexes, see pandas.DataFrame.set_index.

ResetIndex type: reset_index

ResetIndex resets DataFrame indexes to columns or drops them, see pandas.DataFrame.reset_index

Rename type: rename

Rename renames columns or indexes, see pandas.DataFrame.rename.

RenameAxis type: rename_axis

Set the name of the axis for the index or columns,

Count type: count

Counts non-nan values in each column of the DataFrame and returns

Sum type: sum

Sums numeric values in each column of the DataFrame and returns a

Eval type: eval

Applies an eval assignment expression to a DataFrame. The

DropNA type: dropna

DropNA drops rows with any missing values.

project_lnglat type: project_lnglat

project_lnglat projects the given longitude/latitude columns to Web Mercator.

SQLGroupBy type: sql_group_by

Performs a Group-By and aggregation

SQLLimit type: sql_limit

Performs a LIMIT SQL operation on the query

SQLDistinct type: sql_distinct

SQLDistinct Transform

SQLMinMax type: sql_minmax

SQLMinMax Transform

SQLColumns type: sql_columns

SQLColumns Transform

SQLFilter type: sql_filter

Translates Lumen Filter query into a SQL WHERE statement.


View components provide a visual representation for the data returned

Panel type: panel

Panel views provide a way to declaratively wrap a Panel component.

StringView type: string

StringView renders the latest value of the field as a HTML string.

IndicatorView type: indicator

IndicatorView renders the latest field value as a Panel Indicator.

Table type: table

Table renders data using the powerful Panel Tabulator component.

DownloadView type: download

DownloadView renders a button that allows downloading data as CSV, Excel, and parquet files.

PerspectiveView type: perspective

PerspectiveView renders data into a Perspective widget.

AltairView type: altair

AltairView provides a declarative way to render Altair charts.

hvPlotUIView type: hvplot_ui

hvPlotUIView displays provides a component for exploring datasets interactively.

hvPlotView type: hvplot

hvPlotView renders the queried data as a bokeh plot generated with hvPlot.


Layout renders one or more :class:lumen.views.base.View components


An AuthPlugin is given the auth specfication and can apply arbitrary

Auth type: None

An AuthPlugin is given the auth specfication and can apply arbitrary

YamlAuthMapperPlugin type: yaml

The YamlAuthMapperPlugin uses a Yaml file to map auth keys


Defaults to apply to the component classes.